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Have you ever looked for an online tool, only to find out that it hasn’t been made yet? I engineer new solutions as a Web Developer and Computer Scientist in the San Jose area. I am seeking employment with clients and companies where I can apply my programming skills, education and technical vision to the success of my employer. I enjoy designing and programming computer software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. My programming background started with web design and my first scripting language was PHP. In my free time, I like to brush up on HTML, CSS, and Javascript while learning advanced topics in PHP and C++. I also look forward to writing iPhone and iPad apps as I learn Objective-C. The process of writing software is fun and rewarding to me because it stimulates the problem-solving center of my mind. I feel driven by the need to identify and fix problems, and rewarded when I reach a fully working solution.

For my efforts as a student, I have earned Certificates of Achievement in Program Design and Computer Architecture. While pursuing my degree, I have designed software and websites for clients. My work experience thus far has allowed me to combine my creative, logical, structured and technical attention towards the delivery of improved technology solutions for my clients and employers. For a list of my projects, please visit my portfolio.

My interest in computers comes from a fascination with technology. What I find remarkable about computers is the enormous complexity of the small working parts and how they come together to form something as advanced as a modern operating system. Much like how a flower is the result of a particular arrangement of trillions of atoms, the screen you see on your computer is the result of a particular arrangement of trillions of electrical circuits. There is enormous complexity in a video game, for example, that produces lifelike images using a machine that is fundamentally a big calculator (computers can only add, subtract, multiply, divide, store and move data). Both a flower and computer, in my eyes, represent the beauty of a universe with multiple levels of complexity.


- Advanced Skills: C++, Assembly (x86), PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
- Intermediate understanding of Python, Perl, Regular Expressions, and MySQL
- Expert-level user with Mac OS X 10.2+ and Windows 7/8/Server 2012
- Experienced with building, diagnosing and repairing computer hardware
- Able to critically view my own work to create more efficient solutions to problems
- Can quickly learn new programming languages and computer systems
- Driven to create innovative ideas, design creative solutions, and stay up to date with new technology

- Quick learner, self-motivated and resourceful
- Effective communicator, team player and collaborator
- Familiar with Agile techniques including SCRUM
- Reliable and dedicated to operating with a strong work ethic
- Self-motivated, confident, and positive attitude
- Produces detailed and accurate work while demonstrating excellent time management abilities
- Consistently acknowledged and rewarded for performance and building client loyalty
- Calculating and solution-oriented


- Earned Certificates of Achievement in Program Design and Computer Architecture
- Certified typing speed of 68 wpm with 99.3% accuracy (Verify)
- Currently enrolled at SJSU as a Junior; Transferred from DVC; 3.58 GPA


Pacman for the Windows Console

- Re-wrote Pacman for the Windows Command Prompt using text symbols
- Demonstrated understanding of object oriented programming
- Fixed a hidden dependency in the original game design involving movement controls
- Optimized and re-wrote code to speed up execution
- Effectively handled large task of recreating the game by breaking it down into smaller tasks
- Reduced to 520 lines of code written in C++


During my Advanced C++ course at DVC, I was required to make a game as part of a final project. The class was told to make a memory matching game, unless we had our own idea. I took on the challenge of re-writing Pacman for the Windows Console using text symbols instead of doing an easier final project. Designing the program on paper was an essential step and I had to optimize the code for speed after the first few initial designs. In the end, I produced a game that is fun to play with code that demonstrates an understanding in Object-Oriented Programming.

Pacman for the Windows Console

CS100W/200W Website

- Gained experience leading a team
- Designed banner to meet branding needs of the client
- Organized tasks using ProjectLibre, flowcharts, and spreadsheets
- Worked on critical tasks, providing direction and content
- Communicated effectively with client in a proffesional manner


The CS100W/200W Website needed an update to reflect the change in students and projects since the previous year. The client requested many features and updates that would make the webpage more appealing, expand the brand/identity of the class, and make the website easier to use. I stepped up as the first phase manager and lead the team in doing administrative tasks to ensure the project would be successful in the future. In the next phases, I took on all the tasks assigned to me, including the production of a new banner for the homepage. The result was a more appealing website that is more organized and easier to use.

CS100W/200W Website

Community Presbyterian Church

- Built custom PHP plugins for Wordpress
- Demonstrated understanding of inline frames for data consolidation
- Edited graphic media for the client
- Set up newsletter download / upload solution
- Integrated the website with social media
- Generated content when needed


The Community Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg, CA already had a website, but it was a burden to edit and it was hard to read because it was not visually appealing. I suggested that they make a new website using Wordpress and an attractive theme to address both of these problems. Because they hold joint services, they needed a website for CPC, for FCCA, and for shared content. I ended up making three Wordpress sites and linked them together with a button in the upper right corner. I also implemented features they weren't expecting, like a sermon player and social media integration using Wordpress plugins. They were very excited with the final result, and now they have a readable website that is easy to edit.

CPC Pittsburg Website


- Designed website with Wordpress and custom PHP
- Worked in a diverse environment
- Demonstrated effectiveness in a team environment
- Showed an understanding of technology in the workplace
- Integrated the website with social media
- Rebuilt computer network for easy file sharing and wireless internet access


During my internship at CCISCO, my skills with technology became apparent as I was doing IT work. CCISCO had never had a website before and they were interested in creating one, but the Director of Communications needed help with the design and features that were desired. To make the website, I used a template that was selected for its visual quality and set out to make a fully editable version using PHP. After some coding, I suggested using Wordpress to speed up the process of making the site. The final result was an appealing website that could be edited in the future through an online system.

CCISCO Website

GoPod Music Player

- Created during my Junior year of high school
- Wrote web application in PHP
- Website streams music to any user
- Demonstrated visually appealing graphic design elements
- Integrated user management system and "test" example login
- Uses custom text document database

GoPod Music Player

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